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1997 is an alternative rock band formed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer with bassist/producer Ariel Joshua and drummer Ottar Tøllefsen in 2013, with the sole purpose of writing the soundtrack for Carl's snowboarding odyssey "1997 FOREVER". Other musicians including organist Benjamin Mørk, and various other guest artist has appeared either on the album or in live performances (including Silje Tombre of Blood Command, Lars Kristensen of Wolves Like Us, Mads Devik of Cazadores, Tor Thomassen of The Late Great, Jonas Thire of Wolves like us, Sveinung Engvik of The Wolves, Paulo Velasquez of Turdus Musicus and many more). 
The soundtrack was produced by Ariel Joshua and mixed by Jason Livermore and was released as a motion picture soundtrack alongside the premiere of the live screening phenomenon "1997 FOREVER". The band and filmed toured the film- and music circuit over more than 6 years, including Norway's premiere music (Øya) and filmfestivals (Bergen and Tromsø International Film Festival).

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