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1997 FOREVER (snowboarding film)

This is a long, long story. Working on his directorial snowboard film ("shred flick") 1997 FOREVER, Carl at some point decided he wanted to try and create the entire soundtrack for the film. He called some good friends and the band 1997 was formed with the sole intention of creating  the soundtrack for the film. No dogmas really, but the idea was to create a timeless soundtrack that echoed the soundtracks of 90's snowboard films (which was of course layered with skate punk and related subgenres, but really those soundtracks were truly eclectic and rich in nuances and references). Carl, drummer Ottar Tøllefsen, bassist and producer Ariel Joshua and organist Benjamin Mørk worked on-and-off on the soundtrack for a year, going back and forth from the editing bay to the practice space. A truly rewarding process. In the end 1997 took on its own form and shape, based on references ranging from 90s alternative rock, post hardcore and classic rock, with elements of stoner rock, metal and skate punk. A lot of musicians dropped in at various points and added instrumental and vocal flavors. Jason Livermore mixed and mastered the album. 
And since then 1997 has toured with the film, performing the score live in front of / backs against the audience whilst the 8mm film is rolling. 
Hereunder is the complete score and also two segments/sequences from the self-proclaimed "snowboarding odyssey". 
PS the shamanic drums of the intro was actually recorded on top of a mountain on the Norwegian/Swedish border as seen in the film, and became the basis of the "Shaman blues"-intro, which then explodes into the punk rock opening montage segment. And at the very beginning, the diabolic noise was heavily inspired by 90's lo-fi Norwegian black metal and 411 skate-film commercials. And the "Black market stunt scene" (which is heavily 90's post-hardcore inspired) track was specifically written with star Roy Olsen in mind with regards to both sound and lyrics. Pretty much like every other track in the film.

1997 FOREVER: Opening scene
1997 FOREVER: Roy Olsen scene
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