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A short film of sorts. Made up of the three music videos 'Karusell', 'Cash cab Tromsø' and 'Han e borte/Dyret'. 
It was during the making of this film (spanning across three years!) that the term "dynamic script" was invented. 
And that pretty much says it all. 
So after finishing the three music videos (that arguably were very connected), we revisited the story and shot an 
opening, mid and end sequence that hopefully would help clarify how it all connected. If not for people, then for ourselves. 
Well, it was all going according to plan up until the very end of the premiere screening at the honorable Verdensteatret Cinema in Tromsø, when the projectionist-on-call somehow managed to cut the screening right at the moment that the revealing end scene 
was starting (she later told us she thought the "movie" was over at that point). And that was actually the only time the
film was screened. Until now.

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