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ALT BLIR BRA? : Everything will be okay?  (2021)

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Feature length documentary directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer. 
An observational, mosaic documentary that chronicles the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes and minds of the local residents of the director's home town, Tromsø. 
Through the shared experience of the film's two main protagonists, Gunnar - the city's mayor - and Per Arne - a community worker sent out in the frontline collecting virus samples at infected people's home, 
the film depicts and reflects in real-time on the global emergency as experienced through a local, winter-torn prism. 
Shot in gritty b/w style, the film won the "Best photography" award at the Northern Character Film Festival in competition with amongst others the Academy award nominated Compartment No. 6. 
The film premiered at Tromsø International Film Festival and has been screened at several international film festivals, including Bergamo Film Meeting (IT) and is available online in Norway via Altibox.

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