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Arctic water Summer.png


Commercial spots for local brewery Mack's Arctic Water. 
They were at the time sponsoring my debut feature THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON. 
Which meant some ca$h and in addition a free flow of, you guessed it, Arctic Water throughout the season. 
Which was great. But also a part of the deal was to create two commercials, one in winter and one in the summer. 
With footage of the bottles in it, obviously. 
Well, at one of the very last days of shooting we realized we'd carried around and consumed that water on every damn shoot. 
But had we remembered to film it? Of course not. 
This was spring time, so thankfully, we were able to pull it off in one day. Shooting the "winter scenes" in the mountains mid day, 
and summer scenes some 30 minutes down and south in the evening as the midnight sun settled.

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