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Benjamin Mørk Live in quarantine.png

BENJAMIN MØRK 'Live in quarantine' (2020)

Shot a few weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic. Eerie vibes. 

Benjamin was supposed to release his debut album, the groundbreaking "Mechanical piano" album and concept. But it was, like everything else, shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. Out of desperation maybe, he wanted to go forward with the release, but only for an empty room. 

In the end, I'm actually glad it happened that way. It was a very powerful experience for at least the people involved in the production. We got together a group of amazing photographers (Daniel Mikkelsen, Terje Arntsen, Knut Åserud) and Torbjørn Sandnes on lights, and 

created something beautiful amidst the gloomy situation for all. 

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