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Short documentary directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer, documenting the apparent comeback of legendary Norwegian hip hop artist Joddski (formerly Jørg-1 of Tungtvann).


The film, by some labeled a 'mockumentary', caused quite a stir both in mainstream media and the Norwegian music industry when it was released. For good reasons. It stars pretty much the entire "A-list" in the current Norwegian hiphop/pop mainstream. 

Karpe, a Young Sondre Justad, Leo Ajkic, Gunnar Greve, Lars Vaular, Sandra Lyng, OnklP, Christer Falck and the list goes on forever. 

A lot can be said about the making of this. And the aftermath. I'd suggest watching it first. And watching "Den vanskelige reisa" (the sequel) afterwards. It was intense. It was quite sad. Fun at times. Thou, tragic, really. It felt as real as reality. And at some point it sort of became. Reality. 

An unnamed representative of an unnamed agency confronted me days ahead of its release and said blatantly: "Can you stand for this, potentially ruining Jørgen's career?". 

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