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DOM VETRO (2012)

One quiet evening in 2012, sitting in my apartment in Tromsø, I got a call from longtime friend and filmmaker Rich Goodwin (Jackson, WY).  He said: Can you go to Venice tomorrow? Say again. Long story short, Rich was hired to do a commercial for a brand new eyewear brand, located in the mountains outside Venice, but at the last minute wasn't able to go. So, for some reason, he suggested me for the job. Lo and behold, 24 hours later I got off a boat cab deep in Venice and met Ashley Bezamat, the founder of Dom Vetro at a restaurant right at the water's edge. In the next 48 hours we shot insane amounts of footage, and met so many people, including the two artinsal brotherswho at the time created Dom Vetros eyewear. It was a wonderful experience. Which resulted in a commercial and a short doc (in Italian).
I was happy that Ashley entrusted me (again, for some reason) in shooting and editing in a way that maybe wasn't the most obvious. In a very handheld,  Jonas Aakerlundesque style I shot the process of making one single piece of eyewear. I asked my friend KOHIB if I could use some of his music for the piece. He okayed it. And off it went. 
I'll never forget, a few years later, strolling around the Manhattan HIGH END luxury store circuit with Ashley, being introduced everywhere as "The guy who made that commercial". Felt like a scene out of "How to make it in America". 
The short doc is mentioned also in this article in New York Times, some years later:

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