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A retro-futuristic contemplation and collaboration with russian filmmaker Oleg Khadartsev and producer Zhanna Guzenko, directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer and produced by IGH with Fridaymilk (Murmansk). 
The project has a performative element and filmatic, with the live reconstruction of the groundbreaking 1988 TV-broadcast "Fjernsynsbro", in which Soviet and Norwegian people "met" for the first time on live TV via satelite, 
being accomplished at and in collaboration with the festival Barentsspektakel in Kirkenes (NOR) and Russia (RU). 
The live performance in which Russians and norwegians met digitally was - unknowingly - to be the last public communication between the two countries, as it happened two days after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
An experimental feature length documentary based on the footage is currently in development, supported by Northern Norwegian Film Center, GLOBUS and Barentssec.

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