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I obviously knew Joddski very well of pure "legend status" from his time fronting Norwegian hip hop icons Tungtvann. But we'd never met. Some five years before I had first met Poppa Lars, his counterpart in Tungtvann, and we became close friends and collaborators. So when Lars called and asked if I could drop by the studio as he was helping Joddski record the vocals for his upcoming comeback EP, "Bygdedyret', I of course did just that. Drop by. I think the idea was to just shoot a couple of stills. It ended up becoming a promotional video. 
With A LOT of attitude. At least relative to what would become of Joddski-collaborations in the future (see: Den vanskelige tida). 
Anyway, this was the first time we met and it became the onset of a close friendship and many subsequent collaborations.

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