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KARI BREMNES 'Tre sanger' (2020)

Concert short film for legendary Norwegian artist Kari Bremnes. 
In 2018 I was asked to do a couple of live videos for Norwegian pop icon Kari Bremnes. Seeing as she's from Svolvær, where my dad is from, it was a no brainer. We all had a great time with Kari and the amazing group of people in her band, so when she asked if I could do a concert film to promote her new EP "Tre sanger" ("Three songs") it was, again, a NO brainer. If not for anything else, just to get to hang out for a few days with Kari and the band, and tell and listen to rambling stories. 
We shot it during three shows in Oslo and Trondheim, and I sat down to have Kari talk about the stories reflected in the songs, which served as an introduction to each track in the film.

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