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Midnight sun skate .png


I love shooting skateboarding. This thing was made for the inaugural "Midnight Sun Skate" contest/event, held in Tromsø in the summer of 2021, 

organized by my friend Hanna Worum and skateboard superstar Tiago Lemos. 

The concept was pretty straight forward, assemble a crew and shoot footage over the course of two days, edit it and submit by the end of the last day. 


Up against the real "elite" of Norwegian skaters, we were underdogs. Which I love. With a crew of local skaters - representing the local skateshop -  ranging from Young gun Isak Oskal to "vintage" local legend Roy Olsen and Portuguese ex-pro turned Tromsø barista maestro André 'Né' Pereira. So much fun creating it. And of course, VALØR brought the drums into the forest and recorded the percussive soundtrack on the last evening of the shoot. Looking forward to next year!

Music by VALØR and graphics by Chrissy Lee

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