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MONSTER (2014)

Short film directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer in collaboration with Norwegian electronica pioneer Per Martinsen/Mental Overdrive. Premiered at East End Film Festival in London in 2014. Starring a character called Eno. That came to life long before this ever happened. And probably still is around somewhere. Out there. In the spheres. 

Fun fact: The ending scene... I can't remember shooting it. Long story short we heard of this film premiere party at a boat at the Thames. A plan was unhatched to sneak onto the boat, mask in a bag, and then shoot whatever happened onboard once Eno appeared. However, once aboard - plan in execution/no turning back - it all felt overly overwhelming. I coped with it the most intuitive way I could at the given time and in the given situation (with free booze available), and downed an unknown number of drinks in a very, very short time. With the unapologetic result of becoming instantly overly intoxicated. And as such, what enfolded was documented (with two cameras in hand!) on pure instinct, by someone so drunk he didn't really realize what was happening around him. Which in the end, sort of suited the filmatic scene itself. 

This film holds a special place for me, for reasons beyond me. Eno is a true hero of mine.

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