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A 20 minute musical showcase journey directed by Carl Christian Lein Størmer, produced by IGH for Northern Expo and South By Southwest 2021. 

The musical film, which served as a digital showcase during the 2021 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, features the live performances of Ozas, Oter, I see rivers and Heave Blood & Die and caused quite a stir during the world's biggest music/film festival. 


I was sitting in my studio (minding my own business) when producer Fredrik Forssman came running into the studio one day. He had been offered a potensial showcase spot at the all digital SXSW 2021. Which is awesome in itself. If - and only if - he could come up with a concept AND execute it AND deliver a finished film in less than one week. No problem. The idea was maybe ambitious (a fluent, apparent "one take" with four musical acts, moving constantly from the main square of Tromsø, across a bridge and up the mountain for majestical, epic ender atop the mountain), but I knew with the regular crew (photographer Daniel Mikkelsen, aerial photographer Stian Skjærvik and sound producer Ariel Joshua) it wouldn't be TOO much of a hazzle. 

So we handpicked the acts, did a little math on timing of songs and travel distances, made a few phone calls/called in a few favors, took a couple of COVID tests (this is still mid pandemic, mind you) and a couple of days later in the early, misty morning we started rolling. 


The experience itself felt like a heist. And the feedback from "over there" and elsewhere was pretty overwhelming. Watching the live premiere on the SXSW platform and the ongoing and ensuing chatter was pretty damn cool I have to admit. People were blown away. 


Much appreciation to SXSW hedgehog James Minor for letting us play. Until next time. 

Review in Austin Chronicle:

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