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In 2008 I had this very strange experience of headlining a 50.000+ festival in Zhenjiang, China. As the singer of Turdus Musicus. 

In 2015 I realized that I had, years before (pre filmmaking), received some DVD's containing the raw material of the TV production from the festival. 


Re-watching it was quite an experience too. And so I decided I wanted to do something with it. It had been some 5-6 years since the band had quit at that point. So one day I called up all the band members (recorder rolling), and also filmmaker Rich Goodwin (who accompanied the band on that trip) and our Chinese tour manager Paul Huang and I talked to each of them about how they remembered the experience. 

And that became sort of the basis for the narrative structure of a concert film portraying a very strange moment in each of the involved part's life. 

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